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Our patients often face a difficult choice whether to treat a root canal or remove a broken tooth.

A tooth extracted may seem to be the solution to the problem, however, it is very wrong. The tooth should be replaced with a prosthetic restoration, and thus also expose yourself to costs.

At the same time, it should be remembered that even the best restoration cannot fully replace a natural tooth.

Let us remind you that one of the most common causes of tooth loss may be the development of caries complications, including pulpitis, periodontitis.

This means that the caries bacteria have destroyed the layers of the tooth and root canal treatment is required.

What is root canal treatment?

It consists in the thorough removal and cleaning of the areas of the tooth occupied by the pulp, the internal tooth tissue, the neurovascular bundle, and commonly speaking - the nerve.

Why is root canal treatment recommended?

The bacteria in the tooth begin to actively multiply, which disturbs the normal life activity of the tooth and causes unpleasant sensations or pain. The body cannot solve this problem by itself, because bacteria not only damage the tooth, but also destroy its defense system.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the affected nerve as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that thanks to the latest methods and techniques, root canal treatment is completely painless and allows the tooth to be preserved for a very long time and leaves no undesirable symptoms.

That is why it is important to systematically check the condition of the teeth and take action

In our clinic, we reach for the best solutions so that you can enjoy your smile

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