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  1. Indications for dental prosthetics
  2. Price list


Everyone is well aware that the loss of even one tooth can negatively affect the anatomy and physiology of chewing, and it is certainly an aesthetic problem.

The indications for dental prosthetics are:
- partial or complete destruction of the crown part while preserving the root
- the presence of gaps between the teeth
- pathological abrasion of tooth enamel
- complete absence of a tooth along with the root
- multiple missing teeth,
- complete absence of teeth

Contraindications to dental prosthetics are:
❌ insufficient oral hygiene
❌ the presence of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity
❌ pathology of the jaw bone
❌oncology (consultation with a specialist is necessary)
Exacerbated diseases of the cardiovascular system
Exhaustion of the body
Mental disorders
❌contraindications to anesthesia
❌ allergy to the dental materials used during the procedure
Undergoing anticancer and anticoagulant therapy

Consult a prosthetist and they will help you to solve all your bothering questions

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